Thursday, February 20, 2003    


Living Thru My Kids

By:Terri Stine

I have only been scrapbooking for a short while. But, in that short time, I've come to love scrapbooking for several reasons. First, I love to tell the stories about the photos I have. It's a chance to write down the memories that others might not know or remember--and they'll be there forever. Second, I love showing off my kids and family. Third, I love being able to take paper, a tape runner, and pictures and turn it into a "masterpiece."

Scrapbooking is important because you're helping to preserve the photos you've spent money on (film plus developing). If you throw them in a box, they're only quickly deteriorating. By putting them in an acid free, lignin free, PVC free scrapbook, you're helping to slow the deterioration of your priceless memories. You're also capturing memories that might be forgotten. Who's going to remember dumb little stories when your kids are 18? I might not, but I have them written in their scrapbooks! You're preserving your life and your family's lives so that future generations can see them--and hopefully, the pictures won't be yellow and crackled if you've used the right products!

Scrapbooking is my relief from everything. I can step away from bills that need paid, dishes that need done--and scrap! I can recall memories of times in the past and focus on those. Scrapbooking has given me a goal for my children. I want to capture their lives in scrapbooks. I guess you could say I'm living thru my children, because there are just a handful of pictures of me as a child. And they're already yellowed and crackled!

I haven't learned too much about, but I know that I've found another scrapper in my town. We've had the opportunity to swap layout ideas, share product "reviews", as well as build a friendship.
Thank you dMarie!

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