Thursday, February 21, 2002    


Who's the tops on the net?

By:By Sherri, OH

Who's the "tops" in the scrap scene on the net? Why DMarie is, of course! I come to visit every day, several times a day. Yes, I say visit, because that is what you do with a friend, you come for a visit. I have met so many dear people here through the message boards at dmarie. They can encourage or enlighten me in my scrapping or "non scrapbook related subjects" NSBR. If there are new products in scrapbooking coming out, I don't have to search all over the lss's in my vicinity or the internet. With one touch on my computer, I visit friends who have all the newest and best scrapping supplies available. They are almost always the first people to get them in stock. And when I am late and find them out of stock, a simple click on the 'puter gets me a notice for when the items are back in stock. Who else is gonna let me know when items are in stock? Certainly not the lss! They carry one of the best selections of punches on the net, are great service oriented, and reasonable on both price and shipping!

When I am shy on ideas for a page, all I have to do is go to Layout Central for a wealth of ideas from other scrappers. Who else is gonna help me with an idea for a layout at 3am? LOL The Inspiration place is great for interesting poems and help to jump start me on a theme. There are just times when you don't have anything much to journal, but a perfect poem is just a click away.

I also enjoy the fact that there is a safe chat area for us to go to and talk one on one or a huge group of scrappers. We get ideas or new techniques, personal issues, and encouragement from chatting. I feel that I really "know" all of the people here. I actually got to meet MaryKaye and Pickles last year at lss when they were in town. It was great to put a face with the posts. Had I not "met" them in dmarie, I might never had gotten the opporunity to meet them in person... Such nice ladies!

I greatly appreciate all the hard work Mark puts in to keep flames (rare, but happen) down, so that we can visit here often. I love coming here and learning from others and helping when I can for others.It is a great outlet for all scrappers! I also love the superbowl events and reading the other essays that people have shared. I don't care for the real super bowl stuff, but almost wish it was more than once a year so that we could "superbowl" here more often!! LOL Love all that Dmarie offers and the ever improving site here!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: dMarie Direct is my favorite scrapbook "store", by Linda J. (lindy)

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