Friday, February 21, 2003    


and I thought it was Silly!

By:by Jane Knaak, Fort Mill, SC

I'm ashamed to say that when I first heard about scrapebooking 10 years ago, I thought it was silly. I refused to go to scrapebook parties and thought my friends and co-workers were a bit nuts.

I'm sad but glad to say that I finally learned it was I that was nuts. It was my 13 year old daughter that finally got through to me.

She had spent the summer with some of our good friends helping babysit their young twins - and my friend had equipped her with all the necessary supplies (cropping tools, books, tiny paper cutter). When she came home, she wanted to show me her new skills.

Well, I was so impressed with the tools and finished product that I got hooked - and I'm having the time of my life - I'm working on my fourth 12x12 book and my daughters (and husband) are thrilled with the outcome.

Honestly, it's been like a refreshing experience to re-live our past years - and I'm almost current.

And the best thing is that my 18 year old has asked me to present her with her own scrapebook as her graduation present. I'm glad I found out how wrong I was about the art and result of scrapebooking.

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