Friday, February 22, 2002    


dMarie Direct is my favorite scrapbook "store"

By:Linda J. (lindy)

dMarie Direct is my favorite scrapbook "store" for many reasons!! I've always appreciated the assortment of products that they carry, but I never realised how cutting edge they are until this week. I went to my local scrapbook store (LSS) to take a peek at the new Jolee's Boutique stickers, only to find that they didn't know anything about them and had no idea when they would get them. I actually gave the LSS employee a description of them and when asked how I had found out about these, I replied "Online at dMarie, of course!". I love checking out the "New Products" feature to see what the latest things are, and if something isn't there, dMarie usually has it on order so I know it will show up soon.

Besides having all the latest and greatest scrapbook products, dMarie Direct also has the basic staples of scrapbooking like Hermafix refills, Mrs. Grossmans stickers, and beautiful colors of cardstock. I don't have to go anywhere else to get what I need, it's all at dMarie Direct.

Everything is very easy to find, too, with different subdivisions of products plus the search engine which I use frequently to find things related to a topic like "Easter" or to find related items like "flowers" which will show me stickers, paper, page toppers, etc. with flowers on them. That saves me a lot of time!

When I find what I want to buy, I just click on the "put 1 in my cart" box and there it is at the bottom of my screen so I can always see what I've got in my cart and add and subtract as needed. Once I've saved my cart, I can exit the site. When I load back up, it shows me a list of the products in my cart and I get another opportunity to add or delete and it also gives me a chance to add up my total to see if I can afford to buy more. (Of course, the answer is always "yes" no matter what the total!)

The best feature of dMarie Direct is the awesome customer service! If I have questions about the products, I email dMarie herself and always get a quick and helpful response. Also, whenever products are out of stock, there is a feature where you can ask to be emailed when they come back in stock. When you do place an order and receive it, everything you ordered is there - no disappointments because of back ordering. AND, last but not least, you get your order in only 2 days!! Hey, it takes me that long to get around to going to a store in my neighborhood, and meanwhile I can order at midnight in my nightgown and have "Christmas" arrive at my door in a couple days with no lines or crowds or even getting dressed. So now you see why dMarie Direct is my favorite scrapbook "store".

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