Saturday, February 22, 2003    


Scrapbook that "Unorganized Mess"

By:Doris A.

Scrapbooking: This has become not only a wonderful hobby, but also a way to bring some peace into a world of confusion. I love scrapbooking because it has helped me to see the past years in a different perspective.

Scrapbooking is important because otherwise my family would probably not realize the full extent to how lovely and wonderful they really are. Scrapbooking has changed my life because it is making retirement(having more time) more productive and fun and inspiring and peaceful and organized andandand - well you get the point.

I like because it is simple and thorough and I like the newsletters. Ordering on-line is a new thing for me and I hesitated a long time before doing so. I bit the bullet and ordered from dMarie and I was impressed with the ease and fun and not leaving home to do so.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: How scrapbooking changed my life., by susan w.

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