Friday, February 23, 2001    


What dMarie Means to Me

By:Margaret D.

DMarie was the first site I found as a scrapbooker online. I was thrilled at the selection of supplies because they were very limited in my area at that time. It was on this site I became an ordained scrapaholic shopper. I am not ashamed of this, I covet supplies and check the whats new category almost every day.

My next journey was into layout central. I spent hours admiring the beautiful layouts, hoping that one day mine would be half as good. I emailed a great many people asking how they did this and that, and these people were so great to me. I would get envelopes of punchies, or a piece of paper I had admired in the mail, introducing me to the R.A.K., or random act of kindness scrappers are known for.

I next explored the wonderful inspiration section of this site. I found that perfect poem to go with the perfect picture and found some inspiration for a few pictures I didn't know quite what to do with.

I remember being terrified the day I submitted my first layout to the site. I was afraid I had scanned it wrong and Mark would yell at me, or the picture would be fuzzy, or the mother of all scrapper fears...everyone would laugh at my layout.

It's been a few years now, and I'm no longer a newbie with 250 or so layouts under my belt, but I still check the whats new list everyday (even though my dh won't move out to the pole barn so I would have more supply room) and I still get nervous when I submit layouts. What has changed is I have become the one meeting people who have just started, I answer how-to questions and get emails every week from wonderful people who enjoy my layouts. I send punchies and papers through the mail to help someone whose just starting out. Most of all I have met wonderful people who share my passion and will always be grateful to this site.

Margaret D

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