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My favorite internet site is

By:Linda J. (lindy)

There are so many reasons why is my favorite internet site, one that I have visited daily for about 4 years. First of all, I like to look at the layouts added daily at Layout Central (LOC). Often I go back and look through past submissions, which are categorized by topic, to get ideas for pages I'm working on. If I'm encountering a scrapper's block, the layouts inspire me and give me a boost of creativity.

I love the "Inspirations" section of, too. It is very extensive and when I do a search, for example "family", I get lots of poems or page toppers to use on my pages. Most of them are especially appropriate for scrapbooks.

The shopping at is the best I've found. I check out the "New Products" section often to see the latest and greatest that I just can't live without. I especially appreciate the reliability, quick shipping, and good customer service.

My favorite feature at is the "Picture Talk" bulletin board. I check for new messages at least once a day, sometimes more. I really like the format which makes it easy to choose which messages I want to read. The best part about it, though, are the people who post there. We share everything from prayer requests to how to attach vellum to a page. It's the first place to go with a question about anything because the ladies there are so knowledgeable and so willing to help. Over the years I've gotten to know some of the backgrounds of the posters, and it's nice to feel like you're a part of someone else's life, helping them in whatever way you can. The friendships extend beyond the computer to real life as people meet at conventions or send money to help families with sick children. It's a wonderful community of wonderful people on a wonderful site that I would feel lost without.

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