Sunday, February 23, 2003    


How scrapbooking changed my life.

By:susan w.

Before I began to scrapbook I was a very unorganized person and never tried to become organized. A friend of mine had given me some background paper and some die cuts for my birthday and asked her "What do I do with these?" I figured it was some new craft since I am a crafting addict. But she said "No it's for your photos." Well it didn't much look much fun. Well then she showed me her scrapbook and all the neat things she had done and all the neat toys she had to do her scrapbook with.

At first the thought of cutting up my photos scared me, but the punch to round the corners I felt better. I started out slowly and progressed to more and more toys and paper and stickers.. Now after a while my supplies were all over my bedroom and the computer room and even my mother's living room. Well she didn't like that she bought me come plastic drawers to store it all in. So I got it all organized and put where I knew it was all at. I was so proud to have something in my life organized.

Once that was all organized then came the CROPS!! I would carry so many bags and boxes and then when I got all my stuff home it would sit in these bags for a long time. Then someone on chatroom said to put it in a rolling suitcase. I did which ment I ended up taking less bagage to the crops and even if I didn't put all my stuff right back it was still organized in the suitcase. Now that my scrapbooking is organized I have also organizied other aspects of my life. Being organized and scrapbooking has made me a happy less stressed person. Thank God for scrapbooking.

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