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By:debbie c.

My son Eric is 25 with a beautiful wife and 2 of the most wonderful children, Michelle 5 and Jessie David 1 1/2. Eric is missing part of his children growning up, the visual part, because Eric is blind.

He was injured in an accident when he was 12 and has never seen his wife or children. The doctors have said he will see again in his lifetime and I want to make sure he gets to see his childrens childhoods he is now unable to see. It's one thing looking at pictures in a box but this way I get to tell the stories and the dates so he will be able to read and walk through the years with a story attached to the pictures.

The stickers, punches and pretty paper are just icing on the cake and make it visually attractive, and I'm sure when and if Eric gets his sight back he won't care about the little extras on the page (or that it took me 3 hours to get that punched flower just right) but I know I will be adding beauty to his life again. I just hope I will be around to watch him look at my scrapbooks and enjoy the sights again.

The simple page of the kids in the garden or Michelle and Jessie's birth what ever the page is, I want to make sure Eric gets to enjoy them and they are still around for him. I save every page on the computer, plus print it out on an 8x8 page, plus the orginal 12x12 page to insure that my pages don't get lost or destroyed. I feel I'm doing a time capsule that someday will be opened and a whole world will spill out.

Eric often talks about "when he can see again" and my pictures are always mentioned, right after the statement about driving the car!! Here's hoping he will be enjoying my scrapbooks soon and maybe adding his own journalizing to his own album.

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