Saturday, February 24, 2001    


Priceless Memories

By:liza q

Capturing that "perfect moment" on film is exhilirating..but to preserve it for a lifetime is priceless. I suppose I have always been a scrabooker, as i look back on my high school albums. There is it was ~ pages and pages of scrabooking in its infancy state!

Now as a Mother of 2 and Wife of a Fabulous Husband I am able to preserve all our family moments. Scrapbooking has brought out the want to be graphic artist in me! Details are everything to me...which is why i love to Journal our events. The fact that each page is a different event or occasion allows me to switch moods, styles and degree of seriousness. So many times i hear " I dont have the time", what a shame..this is the best way i have found to invest my time.

My family enjoys sharing our albums with friends, my husband loves how i can turn ordinary events into breathtaking pages! I dont miss my family while at crops~they are right there with me smiling up at me from the snapshots~! Dmarie is every scrapbookers answer to the how? With the best search ability for that perfect layout, inspiration or just researching supplies and techniques.

DMarie should be on every scrapers favorites list!

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