Monday, February 24, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important?

By:By Sherri, OH

There is a poem about strangers in a box that is quite relevant to scrappers. It tells of a box in a closet filled with photos. Photos of smiling people that no one knows who they are or what their lives were like. Scrappers cry over photos like these, the stories and names gone forever. As scrappers, we take pride in saving the memories and the stories of these photos by journaling and acid free products.
I lost both of my grandmothers in the last six months.

These two women were an integral part of what makes me, me. I enjoyed spending time talking to them, pouring over old photos of times gone by, and of hearing their stories. My cousins know little of these stories because they never asked my grandmothers. The old tin types left behind now are just strangers in a box to my cousins, but for me, they are just the beginning of a new story. I am scrapping and journaling the stories that my grandmothers shared with me about these old pictures and will make copies of my finished albums for my cousins. My cousins regret not spending the time to hear these stories, firsthand from our grandmothers, but at least they are not lost forever.

I can tell them about the time grandma's brother rode her toy car and dented the wheel because he weighed too much for it. My albums can tell them how much joy grandma and grandpa felt when they had saved enough money to buy their farmland and raise our parents there.
My albums can also let our children know how wonderful their great grandmothers were,even if they were too young to remember them very well themselves. My albums have been very theraputic for me right now too because I dearly miss my grandmothers and remembering is so sweet...

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