Sunday, February 25, 2001    


Why do I love Scrapbooking

By:Lesia, Arab, AL

I am an Engineer with a strong background in math and chemistry. I have never in my life mastered an artistic course. Not because I didnít want to, but because my left brain is asleep, and always has been. My right brain is my dominant side; hence the logistical bend of my mind. However, I have always wanted to be artistic.

My best attempts, however, just do not measure up to my own expectations. With scrapbooking, though, I can take all the wonderful ideas that are available, and by making any appropriate changes, can enhance my familyís photographs and memorabilia. I can either choose to follow a layout exactly as shown, or modify only a thing or two. Or, I can take a layout, look at it, and actually get a flash of inspiration that I otherwise might not have gotten, and design a layout all of my own.

Scrapbooking has given me the creative outlet Iíve not had before. Scrapbooking also, while giving me a creative outlet, allows me to preserve my familyís memories so that, as we age, we will remember. I find it difficult to remember what my oldest son looked like at 18 months.

With my scrapbook, all I have to do is pull out that year in my albums, and there he is in all his beautiful glory. Each of my children will be able to see themselves as the camera saw them. And of course, the camera saw them with the loving eye of a parent.

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