Monday, February 25, 2002    


dMarie, Footballs . . .

By:Lyn Meeker

Each and every year I promise myself that I'll find something better to do with my time than hunt for those blasted tiny little footballs! And, each and every year when I click in to see what DM (that's our Dear Mark) has up his sleeve and that first football pops up and says "You scored a touchdown, Congratulations Lyn you now have 7 points!" Well, I'm hooked! I gotta find more, and the more I find, the more I try to catch up to Sarah St. - which I know is impossible until she goes to sleep (that is if she sleeps! - I wonder!) Because she got a "Head Start" (Not really - because the contest ends earlier for her - It's a time zone thing! LOL!)

{Sarah, I hope you know I'm teasing you! - and actually I love the challenge! And I know that while I am typing this you have found another 450 points! - But, you know what? I can take it because the more I type, the less urge I have to find those tiny little footballs! Of course as soon as I submit they'll start their alluring little chant: "ooohhh Lyn. . . come and find us, look all around, we're Baaaaaaakkkkkkk!"

I'm just glad I'm ambidexterious, so I can hunt and compose essay's at the same time! That and switch hands with the mouse when my right one cramps up!

The fact that I have yet to change out of my P.J.s is a litte wierd (please don't tell Flylady)! But, I'm having fun!

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