Tuesday, February 25, 2003    


Why I like DMarie (even though I have no idea what the D stands for?!)

By:Elizabeth S.

I first stumbled on dmarie when I got internet service for the first time ever..about 2 years ago or so. As soon as I ordered, I was extremely pleased with the fast turn around time. Of course, I live only 2 states away to the North, so I may be biased, BUT it is really important when you HAVE to have something NOW!

I also really enjoyo Mark's newsletters, or as I read them, random musings probably written in the wee hours of the morning in a sleep-deprived state! I can appreciate his sense of humor, and most times I actually laugh out loud (or to myself, but I can hear it just fine in my head!)

I think the most important reason I love this site is because you post how to make mayonaise. Now, all my prayers have been answered, I can shop for supplies and make a spread for my sandwich!

[Editor's note: d stands for "Donna", as in "Donna Marie". dMarie was the nickname given to my wife by her grandparents when she was little.]

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