Tuesday, February 26, 2002    


A Missing Legacy

By:Lyn Meeker

My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next weekend. We're all heading to SUNNY (Please no rain!) So. California for the party.

My siblings and I (well mostly my older brother and one of my younger sisters) pulled together some older photos of my parents - One of my Dad when he was little, one when he was in the Navy, a younger one of my Mom, their engagement announcement from the newspaper, their Wedding announcement. . .We gathered only about 15! (And that included asking MOM for what she had! My brother had them enlarged and my sister is mounting them into a tri-fold display frame.

I got to thinking, how sad it was that we didn't have more! Back in the '40's and '50's they just didn't take as many pictures - I probably take more each month now than they did their entire lifetime! I guess that puts a lot of pressure on me to be the family historian. And to put it all in to albums to be enjoyed by all those future generations! I guess that also means that I better get copies of those 15 pictures . . . they represent an entire generation in my family!

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