Sunday, February 27, 2000    


Scrapbooking Will Save My Memories For Me

By:By Amy McMillan, Forest, MS

On March 30, 1999 my life changed forever. For nine long months I was very sick, but the day had come to finally meet my new little boy. I was so excited and at the same time scared of what the future would hold. At 5:33 pm I saw the face of my little boy looking up at me and I burst into tears. From then on my life has not been the same.
About two months after he was born I was sitting on my couch crying because he was growing so fast. I had kept just about everything he had touched since the time he was born and I had every tag off of his clothes piled up in a box. I had never even seen a scrapbook before but decided to get on the internet and see what it was all about and BOY was I surprised by what I saw. I was so amazed that you could do so much stuff with so little supplies.
Scrapbooking from then on became my gift to my son. Everything that I work on will be for him and his future. It is so exciting to know that when his first girlfriend comes over I can get the book out and show her his first picture and his first bath and when his kids are born I can say "Well he looks just like you." I love to sit down and see how much he has grown from month to month, and how long it has been since he cut his first tooth. I can't wait to see how thick the book is when he starts Kindergarten.
My parents divorced when I was six and now when my little boy does something I wonder if I did that and how old I was, but I have no memories or books to look back on. Scrapbooking has done so much for me already and I just discovered it. I want to be able to share my sons life with him and his family in the future. I don't want my children to have to wonder if they ever did something. And through scrapbooking I can save the memories for them that they are to small to save for themselves.

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