Wednesday, February 28, 2001    


Scrapbooking: A Journal into the Past

By:Maria Snook

I love to scrapbook because it tells a story. I look through old photos of my birth, childhood, of my family and friends and I see wonderful things. But, a scrapbook takes it one step further. A scrapbook tells a story.

I used to teach classes at a local scrapbook store and the thing that I instilled in people the most is that they MUST journal. I came against much disagreement, but in the long run usually ended up persuading them to journal at least a little.

The journaling in a scrapbook page tells the story. It tells the bare minimum of the names of people, the place and the date. But, some things call for a greater detail, some things require feelings being shared.

When my son, Frankie, was born I spent 2 hours typing 6 pages on the computer about my pregnancy and his birth. I shared so many of the details. Frankie is almost 4 now and I myself am reminded of the wonder of having a child when I go back and read those pages. I think someday they will mean a great deal to him.

I love scrapbooking because it helps me remember more than just a face, but the feelings and story that go with that face.

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