Thursday, February 28, 2002    


New Connections

By:by Cynthia, Holden, Maine

Moving several years ago to a new town meant going to a place where I didn't know anyone. I met a few people here and there through work, but mostly I found myself at loose ends on weekends, after work, all those times when you really want to call someone up and pal around. Then I found scrapbooking.

I would swear on a stack of cardstock that I have never met an unfriendly scrapper. I've found a community of people who just can't wait to bring another friend into the fold. I love that the crafts sense I have always had has found an outlet in something that will be around for years to come. I'm making something where I can enjoy the production as much as the final product. (Maybe more sometimes!)

I have friends now that I can call up, and if all we do is talk about punches, paper piecings, and pictures - that's fabulous! And we understand that if we plan a weekend together, it goes unsaid that we'll be bringing our "scrappin' stuff". Our husbands are relieved when they find a fellow "scrapper's widow" to watch a game with, and to commiserate about how we never hang out out with them anymore. We offer to teach them how to scrap, but we don't mind when they say no.

I've found instant friends, lasting friends, great friends through this hobby of mine.

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