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My grandmother lived to be 102 years old. At her funeral the minister went over all the firsts that she had experienced in her life. I was amazed and had never really thought about it. The first cars, phones, planes, telephones, and do you think the first football game?? There were pictures at her funeral but none of when she was young. I decided I wanted my grandchildren to know me and to know about the things in my life besides what one can find in the news. My grandmother was very creative and we had many crocheted items to remember her by but few pictures. I went home and began looking for the pictures I had of her. There were not very many. I put the few I had in a photo album. One that an avid scrapbooker today would never use. This is when I realized how important scrapbooking is.

My mother is now 79 years old and I have been working on a Heritage Album for her birthday this year and one for next years 80th celebration. I have found old negatives and we are unfolding her past. We even found a small picture of my Grandmothers father inlaw. It is exciting and it brings back lots of memories for my mother as well. She doesn't know about the books we are doing. By doing these books my children, grandchildren and greatgrand children will know a lot more about their heritage than I do about mine. I will also leave a little of me with them for generations to come.

This is what gave me the inspiration to start scrapbooking. Now that my nest is empty I spend hours on my scrapbooks. We have seven children and also have seven grandchildren. So I will be scrapbooking for many years to come.

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