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By:Jeanette Wisnoski

Scrapbooking has become a real passion in my life, it gives me the chance to express the true joys we have experienced with each other. My children are my real inspiration, each candid shot taken of them will have a story to tell for years and years. Each of my children are very unique and when I am scrapbooking I am able to show this in my work. Before I began scrapbooking I would develop my pictures and immediatly put them in albums then in the closet only to bring out when someone asked about a certain picture they would love to see. Now that I am very involved in my scrapbooking my albums all sit out in view where anyone can have a look. I have brought laughter and tears to my friends and family when they looked at my albums.

Scrapbooking has changed my life by allowing me to be much more free with my camera. My camera is always loaded and ready to go, I take several candid shots and lots of them, very rarley is any picture posed now. I have found that being much more at ease with the camera I am able to capture that perfect shot at the right moment when it will tell a beautiful story for rest of our lives.

I have visited on the recomendation of my cousin. Once I visited that first time I was hooked, I have been a part of several very interesting chat room conversations and received tons of very helpful tips from passionate scrapbokkers just like me. I have also been able to view other scrapbook pages for which I have gotten several great ideas for myself. dMarie has kept me up to date and very interested in the scrapbooking world, I have them on my favorites list and visit often.

Thanks dMarie

Jeanette Wisnoski

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