Thursday, March 1, 2001    


My Dad's album

By:Sussann L.

Dad began building a house a year ago in February. I took pictures as the house progressed. I bought a top loading album from dMarie and scrapped the story for him. He was so thrilled with it he showed everyone who would listen to him.

The first Christmas at the house found all of the family there. I took pics and told him I would add them to the back of the album some time. He insisted I take the album right then and there. It was almost as tho he knew I needed to take it then instead of waiting.

In February he suffered a fatal stroke. I lost some of his personal possessions. But I have the scrapbook that he was so proud of and the story of his house that he built.

I hope to be able to finish that album some day. If I had procrastinated, I might never have know how much he appreciated my scrapbooking. I might not have been able to share that with him. I'll always have the memory of his joy over the album I made for him.

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