Saturday, March 11, 2000    


Scrapbooking Passions

By:Bmanry, Va Beach, Va

Scrapbooking has become my passion. Many pictures and not enough time seem to be the theme of my life. I have layouts dance through my head as I sleep, any event is cause for my brain to start racing.

I've covered DAY in the life of Ring Dance- Every 15 Minute School program about drinking and driving. Even the strangest things cause me to think of layouts to put together.

I've rearrange my house to make sure I have enough room for all my scrapbooking supplies. Furniture gone (given away) to leave room for the Cropper Hopper. Iris carts lined up to hold all the supplies

Scrapbooking is my therapy (or need for therapy). I can escape to a world of memories and be very happy for hours on end. It has indeed become my passion, my psychiatrist and a GREAT friend.

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