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How has scrapbooking changed your life?

By:Cheryl Q.

Scrapbooking changed my life in a few ways. I had gone through some difficult times in my late twenties with divorce, my child kidnapped, picking up my life and moving to places I didn't know existed. Leaving friends and family behind and feeling alienated and alone. I've lost my faith in my church and the people I thought were my friends. It was a low time in life. I've always done crafts (it was my escape) and was proud of my work. Still, I was doing it alone not able to share with a close friend and shop till you drop for that perfect item to complete your project with.

My life started changing in my early 30's, meeting a new man, getting married and having another baby. Life seemed good, but I put away all my crafts. In a way, I put away a part of me that was aching to get out. My husband encouraged me to get back into crafts. He told me once that one of the reasons he married me was my artistic ability and how my enthusiasm for the craft just made me so happy. It was something I truly enjoyed.

I was introduced to scrapbooking from my sister (the non-artsy one as she puts it). She told me this is perfect for you. You love to take pictures and your maticulous in putting them in albums and dating and naming them. Now all you have to do is add your crafty ability. You see my self esteem was really low and I felt depressed not having a close friend to shop with, or have lunch with. Someone to share secrets, laugh with and cry with. My sister lived 3000 miles away and I missed that closeness that two females share when they click and know what each other's thinking.

Scrapbooking HAS changed my life. I came to dmarie searching for ideas to expand my new craft, but found much more. The closeness of the ladies that shared the same passion as I, was astounding. Offering free advice not only on sbing but on all areas of life. It is theraputic and soothing to the soul that someone cares for you, not just because you share a punchart idea or own the latest sb toy. They genuinely care for you as a person, sight unseen. You don't have to compete for attention and you can always count on someone knowing how you feel or have gone through the same thing in life. Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) as they are called here can truly brighten someones day, week or month. It can just be an email, or a birthday card. Even a hello how have you been on the bb.

Even though I don't have a girlfriend close by that I can hang out with or scrap with, I just need to come to dmarie and talk to my many girlfriends and share how my day is going. I've met many scrapbooking friends through crops, vacations and 3 day shopping trips. The ones that except you as you are and actually take time to get to know you and share their love of family and life through their scrapbooking are truly angels sent from above. They mend my heart and my longing for that special person to share my secrets with and my love for this craft. Scrapbooking has brought me back to life and has allowed me to open my hardened heart. I feel happy and by scrapbooking my memories I can let that life continue through my albums to the next generation. I'm not alone. The scrapbooking thread is there for the taking. Grasp it and hold it near and dear to your heart.

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