Monday, March 11, 2002    


Why Scrap? Simple!!

By:Sheri P.

Some people wonder why I scrapbook, and especially why I spend so much time at it (like my husband, lol). Here is my explanation:

This is my (and my kids') life histories. If no one makes an account (photographic and written) of all of our lives, who is going to know anything about us after we are gone? so this is my gift to my kids and my posterity.

My kids! With four kids, I have plenty of pictures to scrapbook, but not always plenty of time. When my 3 year old comes and asks for his "tractor" book, I am thrilled. You see, his "tractor" book is one of his scrapbooks that is covered with tractor fabric. He lugs this huge book (jammed full of pictures and stories of himself) into the livingroom, and he is content to look at it for hours, it seems. It is so cute to have him call, "Mom, come see!", and when I get there, he has to tell me, "remember when I....", and he proceeds to tell me all about what happened for that picture! So cute, it is one of the most rewarding moments I have found, as a mom and as a scrapbooker.

So, what better joy and gift is there, than to give a gift to your children, and generations still to come? A gift that helps them remember the good (and even the bad) times and people that have come into their lives? I'd say none.

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