Tuesday, March 11, 2003    


What I like about dMarie.com

By:susan w.

I would have to say the best thing I like about dMarie.com is the chatroom and looking at other peoples layouts. When I first heard about dMarie.com's chatroom I was really kind of nervous to enter because I didn't know what kind of people would be in here and I didn't know if it was safe or not. But now I know how safe it is and it's great. When I first came in I hadn't done much scrapbooking and didn't know what I was doing. But by coming in and at first listening to the others talk it sound like they all knew what they were doing and really enjoyed talking to the others in the room. After awhile I decied to join in and started talking and the girls welcomed me with open arms like they were one big happy family. I got to know alot of the girls and I even got invited to PA for a 12 hour crop. It was great. I come in all hours of the day and night and I usually do find someone in here to talk to. Many of the girls and even one guy has given me alot of ideas for pages that I get stuck on.

Even today was the first time I had looked at other people's layouts which helped me alot in finishing a couple of pages. The best was that people can vote for the layouts they like.

The best part of dMarie is no doubt the chatroom where the people whether they are male or female feel saft to talk one another about their lives, families and even occasionally meet one another like I did.

To dMarie.com great work and thanks for being there.

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