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By:By Jo Ann Rhodes, Lexington, SC

It was under my bed and it had been there for at least ten years. I would periodically get it out and look at it, but always put it back under the bed in frustration and discouragement since it was being added to every month that went by. What could I do to deal with this problem that was presenting such a challenge. I knew I needed to do SOMETHING, but "What" was the ever-present question in my mind. It became covered with dust, and by the end of ten years, I was only bringing it out to dust it off, add more to it, and gently replace it in its spot under the foot of the bed.

Then, one warm spring day in 1997 I was invited to attend a craft brunch at which several "crafty" women were displaying their special and unique abilities, one of which was my very own sister who had recently become involved in a fairly new activity for our part of the country... making scrapbooks. She provided all the materials necessary except the pictures we would use to make a page for a scrapbook. And I was hooked!

Later that week I went back in my bedroom, and pulled the big white box that was under the foot of the bed, dusted off the lid, opened it up, and saw not a source of frustration and discouragement, not knowing what to do with all those pictures, but now my mind's eye saw a beautiful, fun-filled scrapbook filled with pictures, old and new, colorful and interesting to look through. My challenge was one I was looking forward to taking on instead of the source of frustration it had been for so many years. Thank you, sister!

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