Monday, March 12, 2001    


My dMarie Obsession

By:Melodie Jones, Yorba Linda, CA

I've met so many wonderful women from this web site, both in person and cyberly. I feel that dMarie has opened a whole new world for me, allowing me to share my passion with other like-souls. We here at dMarie have the same goals, to capture our precious memories in scrapbooks for our children and future generations.

We share joys, sorrows, funny stories, sad stories...we enter into swaps with other enthusiasts, whether it's secret pal swaps, paper piecing swaps, decrated die cut swaps...and we all benefit from this. This site brings us comfort when needed (prayer requests....and they work!) and excitement when great news is announced (someone being published in a magazine, just bought a new house, new baby on the way).

dMarie has become a closely-knit cyber family.

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