Tuesday, March 12, 2002    


Why I Am a Scrapper

By:Barbara S


Photos piling up,
Memories sliding by.
"Have I got hope for you!"
says my friend, not a bit shy.
"Not me! No way!
It's worse than Tupperware,
or even that Amway!"
I'm not about to give in
Or allow myself to begin!

Dear son is growing up,
My hair is getting gray.
He says he can't remember--
his life--the early days.
I know it's in my heart,
but maybe not my mind.
Why can't he re-live it?
This must be some kind of sign.

I eat my words,
I learn to crop.
I have the scrapper-speak.
New materials, buy it all.
New friends from dMarie.
New methods, new ideas,
New challenges, new techniques.
I know I'm way beyond
being called: "over the top"!

Photos piling up,
Memories sliding by.
I open an album now
And live it all again.
Sometimes I laugh,
Sometimes I sigh,
But feeling more secure.
My memories will live on and on
Because I am a scrapper----
And that's the reason why!

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