Saturday, March 13, 1999    


Scrapbooking is my passion!

By:Linda Jones

Scrapbooking is my passion! Not only do I love buying beautiful scrapbooking supplies and making beautiful scrapbook pages with beautiful pictures of my beautiful friends and family, but I love the fact that I, along with future generations, can re-live beautiful memories that otherwise would be lost forever.

My love of scrapbooking begins with my love of pictures and memories. I love scrapbooking because I can display my pictures in a creative and beautiful way and I can journal my memories right next to the pictures so that I can share the whole story with others, including those who have yet to be born.

I love the creative possibilities of scrapbooking. As a full-time mom, scrapbooking is the only creative outlet I have, the only avenue to receive praise and immediate rewards. Going to crop parties gives me interaction with other adults who appreciate what I do and tell me so.

Besides the beauty and creativity of scrapbooking, the ability to journal next to my pictures is what makes scrapbooking so important to me. I used to have lots of pictures in photo sleeve albums, but it is important to me to be able to tell the story behind the pictures, the things that were said and the feelings involved. Only scrapbooking allows me to tell future generations the details behind and beyond the pictures. The stories add value to my already valuable pictures.

My life will never be the same since I discovered scrapbooking. My house has been transformed by scrapbooking tools and supplies. My selection of clothing and activities is based on possible scrapbook pages. I bought a new camera so I would have good pictures to put in my scrapbooks. My bank account balance is drastically reduced. Most importantly, though, I have found a beautiful, creative, historically important addition to my life that has left me changed - I am a scrapping addict.

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