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By:Bayou Belle, Louisiana

Why I Love Scrapbooking

I love scrapbooking because it gives me a chance to accomplish something that is not only meaningful and important but also lasting and hopefully impressionistic. I find myself scrapping as a way to release the tensions of my daily routine. And the more I put down on paper the more I find myself thinking what will be important to the generations of the future? What will they want to know about the pictures in my albums? Will they care if there are cutsie headlines? Or do they want to know who is in the photos and what was going on the day we took the pictures? As I journal not only my thoughts and feelings, but also the important whos and wheres and whens, I find myself lost in a world that will one day be gone but yet preserved on the pages of my book as they are on the pages of my heart.
My son will grow up and forget the time he played soccer with his dad in the front yard, but all he has to do is look back in the pages to regain that memory. There will come a day when he will no longer remember the day we met a famous author, but itís there in the pages of his life. He is four now and I will continue to document the events of his life as he grows and matures. I will document the important things as well as the everyday mundane things too. His first steps, his first tooth and his first love as well as feeding the birds, riding the tractor, and picking a flower.
Time will continue to march on. It stops for no one. But through preserving our memories we have found a way to snatch back a little piece from the ever-pressing thing we call time. We move from babyhood to youth to adulthood to old age. With grace and dignity we try to grow and live our lives. Yet somehow time manages to rob us of all the memories we held. If we fail to pass them on they are gone forever. Yet with a few simple steps and moments taken to ensure that something will remain, we can leave more than an empty space or a box filled with forgotten treasures. We can leave a legacy. We can leave precious memories that can never be forgotten or discounted.
Remembering your memories is more than selfish pride it is selfless love something that you will one day be able to pass on to your children and they to their children. And in 100 years when we are all gone from this wonderful world we call Earth, our pictures, our stories, our legacy will remain. For all our future generations to look back on and remember the time when grandma cared enough to shed light on a time that is no more. The time of her memories.

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