Wednesday, March 13, 2002    


How scrapbooking has changed my life

By:Cheryl R

Scrapbooking has totally changed me... Before I scrapbooked I loved to take pictures... didn't matter where I was or what I was doing... I took pictures of everything..

Then one day I was introduced to scrapbooking.. I loved it,.I had a new reason to take pictures...I actually improved in my pictures...everything became a picture to scrapbook... then my best friend's daughter was born... a new scrapbook started... my then fiance now husband...went to Africa for 2 weeks with his brothers, nephews, cousins and father...I sent him with a new camera and 10 rolls of film... Those pictures are now scrapped and in their own album... I had my wedding.. those got scrapped too... Then my Dad died...

I decided to do a scrapbook to not only remember him but to give his future grandchildren a glance at who he was and what he was like.. It's been a year since my Dad's death but I still haven't scrapped anything yet... I'm not ready.. I want his book to be really good (close to perfect as posible). I still need to collect the stories and find pictures from when he was little and growing up(I have plenty from after my brothers and I were born)...

I want to record as much as possible so years from now when I have grandchildren, they will be able to pass on my dad's stories and his book to their children. That way he will never be forgotten and eventually I will get a book done for myself along with my two brothers and hopefully those will get passed along to their children and grandchildren so (hopefully) our stories won't be forgotten.

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