Thursday, March 13, 2003    


Me and Scrapbooking

By:Jen M.

Why do I love scrapbooking.....Let me count the ways,

First, I get to take the most incredible pictures of the most beautiful six year old little girl in the whole entire world, ok, so maybe I am a little one way, but people have told me on more than once occasion, that my daughter is absolutely gorgeous. Then I get to get these pictures developed at my local camera place. Sure I could go to one of those one hour photo place, but I would rather spend the extra $10 to get these priceless photo developed.

The camera place knows me by name now, I am in there atleast once a week. "Matte Finish - doubles please" and before I can even get that out, they have it written down already. Next, I get to look over these marvelous snapshots and mentally picture what the layout is going to be. I have been known to "set up" camera shots, I always have the perfect paper or die cut that would just go perfect with it. I have even told my husband to go out and catch the "BIG ONE", (that would be a stripped bass) because I have the perfect layout for it. And on more than once occasion he has come home with the "BIG ONE", so needless to say, I am now working on a FISH SCRAPBOOK.

OK, so really, I not only love scrapbooking, I am obsessed with it. I dream about at night when I am sleeping, I think about during the day at work, and there is not a store I won't go into and look for some kind of item that I could put into my scrapbook. A few stores to shy away with would be a gas station convenience store, a "mom and pop" pharmacy, although, you could use bandgages and guaze, and a car wash. Every other store is fair game. I have even found fibers and feathers when I go to Fisherman's Flea Markets.

Scrapbooking it important for me because it gives me a chance to preserve all of my daughters memories. Now I know that it the appropriate answer, and everyone will say that, but it is the truth. I get such a kick out of her face when she looks at my finished books. And she always asks if she can have them once I go to Heaven. And I tell her she can have them before. Also scrapping has brought me and my mother in law closer. We share a common bond through this, and have so much fun looking at each others books. She is very talented and her books are amazing. I want my daughter to remember all the fun times she had growing up and all the people that came in and out of her life and the impact they had on her.

Scrapbooking has changed my life several ways. First, I take alot more pictures now. Second, I have creative ways to alter submissions into my checkbook. For instance, when I buy something that is scrapbook related and I know my husband will have a fit at the price, I simply enter in the Telephone Companies name instead of the place where I bought the stuff from. And if it comes in the mail, I use these tried and true results, 1. you can blow all the red lights to beat him home (hopefully avoiding any tickets, because that would cut down on the amount of stuff I could buy that month) 2. act like the items received in the mail were backordered from 2 months ago, when he did say it was ok to purchase 3. a gift from a friend and one of my favorite 4. I WON IT. These really work.

I love D Marie because you always have what I am looking for, the prices are right and the shipping is timely, but my most favorite thing about D Marie is my monthly news letters. The truly make me giggle - seems like Mark has tha same kind of humor I do.

Don't change a thing, you do a great job.

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