Wednesday, March 14, 2001    


How Scrapbooking Changed My Life

By:Faith S.

The kids are all grown, I worked all day
I rarely took the time to play.

The internet was way too slow,
I hated waiting for the pictures to show.

Then one day, we got cable,
the rest sounds like an unlikely fable.

First, I discovered d'Marie, there were all
these women out there who were a lot like me!

Not only that, they lived all over the place.
But some I actually got to meet face-to-face.

These new friends show they care,
they send their love across the air.

We share our joys, we share our sorrow,
the prayers and hopes bring us here again tomorrow.

The topics range from somber to ridiculous,
our loved ones worry about what's gotten into us.

Beneath it all is the shared dedication
to protecting our family history and celebration.

Creativity, sensitivity, spontaneity and fun
is displayed in our layouts when they're finally done.

We inspire each other to even greater heights
even if it means crop-till-you-drop nights.

What's new, what's the latest, where did you get that paper?
Is there an expo I'm missing? Here's a recipe you'll savor!

The posts are endless, it runs hot - it gets chilly.
We're grown-ups, we don't fight, but we sometimes act silly.

Mark stays in the background, webmaster in waiting
we know he's out there, but only quietly stating:

Now ladies, play nice, we love you to bits, but
we must put a stop to anyone throwing fits.

He entertains us with his quick wit and droll humor, I wonder if he scrapbooks....I did hear a rumor.....

Finally, thank you all for being here all these years.
We've gone from hobby to family, from laughter to tears.

How has my life changed with scrapbooking?
Carpel tunnel, tendonitus, but I'm not about to stop looking!

I'll return to my lurking, coming out now and then,
every grateful and blessed by my d'Marie friends.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Why I love scrapbooking, by Faith S.

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