Thursday, March 14, 2002    


Once Upon a Time

By:Leslee Wischmeier

Once upon a time there was a girl with long blond hair who married a handsome tall fella. They went to Florida on their honeymoon. They went to DisneyWorld and Epcot Center, but wanted to try something different. They went for a drive and got lost! Well, were they really lost??? No, low and behold there was a scrapbook store. The blond haired girl had never seen such a sight and just had to try it out.

She stepped into this magical place and stood in awe of all the treasure that surrounded her. A few hours later and a lot of dollars spent, they returned to the car and made their way back to the motel.
After they returned from their honeymoon and had the many, many rolls of film developed, she decided to give this scrapbooking a try. She made a few pages, and thought they were quite alright. She went to a scrapbook store in a local community and asked for some advice. She was told to try the internet to help her get a few ideas (and was also told you should NEVER start scrapping with your wedding album). Oops.. too late.

She went home that night and got on the Internet, and looked and looked for something, anything to grab her attention. She was about to turn off the computer, when viola! there was Well, they had everything she was looking for... products to look at, layouts to view, and even a chat room where she could talk to others who actaully knew what they were doing. It was scrapping paradise on earth. She was hooked and has been ever since. She can't go a day without her dmarie fix.. just like today!!!

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