Wednesday, March 15, 2000    


Scrapbooks touch the dead and the unborn!

By:By Jessica, Highlands Ranch, CO

Scrapbooking has power. A well-crafted, well-read scrapbook holds the attention of its viewers, bringing ancestors to life for those of us in the present day, and giving breath to us for the unborn of the future, long after we who create the scrapbook have passed on. My scrapbook is the link that holds the past, present, and future together, a strong thread that weaves its way through time, uniting those who lived in separate worlds in ways that they will never know, on the pages of the scrapbook. Through the pages of my preservation, my ancestors live and breathe, laugh and play, stare out at me for all eternity, frozen in time, living their lives in pictures and prose, as we, the voyeurs of today and tomorrow, stand and stare and wonder. My fingers twirl the tools of my scrapping trade, creating layouts, lyrical memorandums to my many descendants, who will in turn learn about my life from the methods I've chosen to preserve myself for them. And so, my scrapbook lives, holding the dreams of yesterday, the toil of today, and the attention and fascination of those who live tomorrow. And so you ask, "Why is scrapbooking important?" And I would reply, "Scrapbooks are beyond mere importance. Scrapbooks are my most powerful creation."

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