Thursday, March 15, 2001    


Why I love scrapbooking

By:Faith S.

Even as a child, I loved paper and pens. My favorite store was the office supply store - buying school supplies was a treat! I never considered myself artistic - I could follow directions really well and "copy" anything, but "making it up" seemed beyond me.

There were all kinds of crafts to try - do it once, put it away. Guess you would call me a dilettante. Then, at a craft fair, I saw my first scrapbook. I was enthralled - what a concept!!

At last, I'd found an outlet for my desire to create beautiful things and those creations would carry meaning for my family now and for years to come. It wasn't pottery and pot holders that would be discarded or end up at someone's garage sale some day. It was capturing our family history, good times and bad. Remembering, recording and sharing those memories with those I love.

Plus, well, there's the shopping! Because it's still such a dynamic field, there are new and wonderful things being brought out all the time. And the paper, ahhhh...the paper! So, now I "collect" and actually do scrap...some...but I've met such wonderful people, made dear new friends, and broadened my view of the world. All thanks to scrapbooking!

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