Friday, March 15, 2002    


What do I like best ?


I have finally figured it out! As a result of trying to write this essay, I have discovered why I am so drawn to My life is so often like a jigsaw puzzle - chaotic and in pieces. And as I try to assemble those pieces, I frequently find that I need help. And from time to time it even seems that a few pieces are missing. So then, I turn to dMarie.

Most of the time, the missing piece is related to my favorite hobby - scrapbooking. I'll be stuck on a page title or lack the inspiration needed to highlight a particular photo. I can go to Layout Central to see what other scrapbookers have done or look up potential page titles and poems. Or, there is my favorite solution - Chatland. Chatting is an excellent way to get out of a scrapbooking slump. The ladies there motivate each other as well as share ideas and help in the brainstorming process. Some of my favorite scrapbook pages have come through the help of my fellow chatters. The ladies at dMarie are the experts in the field and their advice is unmeasurable.

And as far as advice goes, some of the best I've ever received has come from Picture Talk. I have received input on everything from cleaning the toilet to teacher's gifts at Christmastime. After reading other scrappers' opinions, I have avoided making purchases I'll regret. And I even decided on a minivan with the help of input received from scrapbookers all over the globe. Picture Talk has proved far more helpful than my subscription to Consumer Reports.

dMarie helps the scrapbooking and domestic-engineer parts of my life, but often that missing puzzle piece comes from my heart, or even my soul. The fellowship of other dMarie chatters has been such an asset. It has helped me through sad times, scary times, and even helped me celebrate during the happy times. Chatland provides a listening ear when I am overwhelmed, a place for me to vent, and also a place where I hope I can help others find the missing puzzle pieces in their lives.

Thank you dMarie and Mark for creating this place.

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