Saturday, March 15, 2003    


Down with Corporate America and Breakfast Too

By:Sara Cook

I woke up this morning planning on making breakfast for my hard-working husband. I've yet to make it downstairs to the kitchen. I decided to make a pit stop to our over-sized bonus room to check my long-neglected e-mail account. It was my lucky day! Another message from dMarie! I usually read them in the cube farm in my little piece of Corporate America and get numerous stares over the wall as a chuckle out loud. Will my husband be surprised that he has to scavenge for his own breakfast yet again? Not in the slightest and he'll know where to find me, in "my" room playing scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is important to me because my daily job does not provide me a creative outlet. I love looking at the latest tends in the hobby and applying them to my pages. It’s a great feeling to take my albums to work and hear the comments from the ladies like, “You’re so creative. I could never make something like that.” I can certainly understand the origins of those feelings. Hours in front of a computer with no creative passion will surely drain your skills and imagination. My scrapbooking is my way of preserving my creativity and leaving my mark in the world. Hopefully some day, we will have children and they can understand us better by flipping through the pages of our lives.

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