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Scrapbooking in Reflection to me


Cut, crop, decorate, embellish; these words may mean nothing to you, but to me they are all part of my newest addiction of scrapbooking. Although the word addiction is sometimes seen in a negative tone, in this case itís a positive one. Being addicted to scrapbooking, the art of creatively arranging pictures and mementos into photo albums, allows my creative juices to flow. Through that sentimental presentation, I can define my life into a series of books.
If one were to look into my scrapbooks they could probably sum up who I am. With each turn of the page, a new aspect of myself can be revealed to the observer. The creative side of me is always evident in these pages, but the personality I exhibit on the day of those pictures, or the adventure Iím pursuing in them, shows a lot of who I am.
On page one is a poem about friendships and how in a circle of friends, each personality can be seen in each individual of that group. This poem conveys to the reader that friendship is number one in my life. Surrounding this picture is a set of group shots of whom my mom affectionately refers to as the ďintimate posse,Ē my close knit group of friends that have been through a lot with me in the last three years.
As I continue through the book, the events of my junior year and my life unfold. First is the carefree life I lead in the summer before one of my biggest academically challenging school years. Itís filled with the fun of surprise parties, swimming get-togethers, and hiking adventures I shared with my friends.
In the winter section, are three pages dedicated to my involvement in the school play. I had been selected as the student producer for the past three years. Our play was such a success, we were nominated for three awards in the Rising Star Awards at the Papermill Playhouse. This was a great accomplishment for our school as well as for me. I was able to work together with others who share my interest to produce one of the best performances of our schoolís history.
Unfortunately, missing from my scrapbook, is my many dedicated years to athletics. Iíve been playing competitive soccer and softball since the age of five. Although I have switched from softball to track in the spring season, I have always maintained a constant love for soccer. Iím sorry for the loss of capturing last yearís conference winning season on film, but am looking forward to this yearís pages.
Towards the end of my scrapbook, smiling faces accompanied the academic moments of the year. On these pages, I am seen with my friends accepting a series of certificates. I had been recognized for my community service efforts in our schoolís Interact Club. I also received a certificate commending me for my involvement in the Conflict Resolution Program our school hosts, known as Tell-A-Peer. Another page has me accepting my certificate into the National Honor Society.
Whether an addiction is good or bad, it has a lasting effect on a personís life. My addiction to scrapbooking has helped me to create a lasting memory of my years at high school. Academic accomplishments, winning athletic seasons, awards in the drama field, and my friendships are all enclosed in this sentimental portrayal that will forever remind me of my youth.

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