Monday, March 17, 2003    


Why scrapbooking is important

By:Rachel M.

Scrapbooking is important because it provides a connection from our generation to the next generation and beyond. The pictures and experiences that are recorded in our books will be the topics of history lessons and conversations for the rest of time. We are creating history! I want my children to see what a great person I am and how much fun I had.

I want them to see what my handwriting looks like. I want them to see that I cared enough about them to tell them about myself and the times that I had growing up, going to school, and bringing them into the world. I want them to see that we make the same faces and wear the same clothes. By the time they are older, my hair will be gray.

With scrapbooks they can see me when I was young and beautiful. They can see the family pet playing in the yard. They can see their grandparents being goofy at my wedding. Looking at a scrapbook is truely travelling through time.

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