Thursday, March 18, 1999    


A Scrapper At Heart!!


When I think of scrapbooking, I think of many things. One of those things is how much I love doing it. I can't even begin to explain how much I look forward to going through my supplies, picking out some pictures, and creating a page that will last a lifetime. I feel a since of accomplishment and pride when I show someone a page that I've done and they tell me how much they like it. Shopping is also fun, when I find a store that sells supplies, I feel like a child in a toy store. I just need to have it all!! Stickers, die cuts, papers, it's all so great and there is so much out there for a scrapper to enjoy!!

Another thing I think of when i'm scrapping is how important it is going to be to future generations of my family. As a 20 year old woman now, I enjoy looking at old pictures that my grandparents have kept through the years. I have learned a lot of stuff about my family through those pictures and find it hard to tear myself away from their old scrapbooks. When I do scrapbook pages now, I feel that I am carrying on a family tradition of memory keeping. I hope that someday when I have children that they will enjoy looking at my books as much as I enjoy looking at my grandparent's books now.

In conclusion, I feel that I need to share how scrapping has changed my life. I realize as I'm looking at the pictures that I am putting into books, that these people will not always be here with me. I cherish the people that are in my pictures and realize not to take them for granted. I've learned to share memories and have also helped some people develop an interest in starting their own scrapbooks. I have developed a closer bond with these people, especially my mother. Since I take time out of my day to do some pages, my mother sits down and scraps with me. This is time, that otherwise might not be spent with her. She can help me recall some old memories and at the same time we are creating some new memories of our own.

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