Saturday, March 18, 2000    


My Scrapbook

By:Mindy D.

I bagan scrapbooking when my son was born four years ago.I scrapbooked everything he did and sometimes even staged events. I later realized how important it has become in my life. Looking back over the last four years brings tears to my eyes.My son has grown so fast and went so many places. Most of all it's the day to day things about him I love to remember, like laying asleep in daddy's arms. These little things that happen everyday that sometimes is forgotten, I have a scrapbook page to help jog my memory if I need to or want to.Scrapbooking is so important to me because it keeps all my memories of ordinary days and has helped me to realize that life is short.
I love to scrapbook , because it helps me unwind at the end of my day.After running after a four year old, being 6 months pregnant, I'm tired quick.Pulling out and working on my scrapbook relaxes me. I soon remember what my life has been like and how happy I am with my life now.
My life has changed in many ways sence I first started to scrapbook. Just before Christmas my grandmother passed away who lived with me for 24 years. It was one of the hardest moments in my life. I was so very close to her and I just never realized how much I would miss her.I was angry at the world for taking her from me. Due to funeral arrangements and legal things, I didn't get to see my scrapbook for about a week and a half.One night after the shock wore off and my family had all left for home, I picked up my scrapbook with the intention of working on a page. To my surprize, there was my grandmother smiling at me.Just as I remembered her. I looked at all the pictures of ordinary days at home with her, some of witch I'd forgotten. I realized then and there that I'd keep taking pictures everyday of everything because they could be gone tomorrow.
I never took so many pictures before I started to scrapbook.
My life has changed because of scrapbooking in many ways, the most important is that it changed me as a person, I realize the shortness of life and the need to make everyday a memory.

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