Monday, March 18, 2002    


Why do I love to scrapbook?

By:Lesia, Arab, AL

Why do I love to scrapbook?

The main reason I love to scrapbook is the opportunity to get all my pictures in a place and method that my family can enjoy them. That means looking at them, and understanding them. By putting them in a scrapbook, the viewers can know the story behind the photograph, as well as just seeing the picture. Even acquaintances can see my scrapbooks and know how much my family means to me.

I also love the creative outlet it gives me, however small it may be. And, by having scrapbooking in common with other women, I get to makes lots of wonderful friends, friends I would not have met otherwise, friends that live in all different parts of the USA. This is why I love scrapbooking.

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