Friday, March 19, 1999    



By:Linda in Wyoming

Other than the obvious reasons- having our family pictures together in an organized fashion, having them together in a safe manner, and having fun while putting them together-I can't express how much I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet (not only on your boards, but in person) some of the most wonderful gals I have ever met in my life!

They have been so helpful with finding a substitute for some of the BAALLLLLLUUUUUEEEEEEEE paper that I desperately wanted! They have been instrumental in locating other scrapbook items that may be hard to find or offer a suggestion as to how to "fix" a page that Iím having troubles with. The girls, and Mark, on the dMarie board are generous, kind, and thoughtful to each otherís feelings and needs. At a drop of a sticker, they will send out a much-needed paper, die cut, or sticker when one of us "NEEDS" it ASAP! Over the past year I have experienced some very difficult times in my life, and those gals are always there-willing to help, share their experiences, and to comfort me-unselfishly! I have joined swaps through dMarie, ordered merchandise, found out a wealth of information, and made new, long-lasting friends that share a common interest, and Mark has even helped me with an internet problem or two! What could be better than that?!!!

I feel that it is a "package deal" and that dMarie is solely responsible for it all happening. Scrapbooking is important to me because it is a way to release my creative talents, and it has brought our family together more. When the day is finished and Iíve had an opportunity to work on my album, the first thing each one of my family members asks is, "Letís see what you did on our album today." It is so rewarding to see the family come together and laugh, enjoy, and reminisce about the good times and the funny times that weíve shared. How has it changed my life? Well, some for the worseÖ.most for the better. Of course my credit card is busy being processed on the net and at SB stores, but it still comes down to the family rewards and the lasting friendships of the gals that post at dMarie!

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