Monday, March 19, 2001    


Dmarie is a great website for all types of scrappers

By:Scott M

What are you looking for? Supplies? Ideas? Inspiration? Have questions for other scrappers? Dmarie has to be one of the best locations on the web for all of your scrapping needs. First of all, has over 12,000 layouts - do you realize just how many people must have visited this site since its inception just to have accumulated so many layouts? There are literally layouts in every size and for every theme you can think of. is my first stop when I am stumped for a layout example - their search engine is so easy to use and I usually can find a layout examp,e for even the most unusual subjects. And every style of layout is well represented - small pages, large pages, busy pages, clean pages, white backgrounds, patterned backgrounds - you name it, its there somewhere.

But isn't just about its massive layout archive - just click around their site and you'll find thousands of ideas for titles, poems, and even information about the year anyhone was born at the click of a button. I tunr to first for their great selection of poems and sayings when I need a little something extra for a page. And if you still can't find what you need, then there is also a great set of message boards with lots of avid scrappers like yourself just waiting around to help out, review, commiserate, cheer on, of just plain chat about scrapping topics.

As far as shopping for scrapping supplies online, dmarie is the only true superstore. I consisder it my Wal-Mart of scrapping supplies - they have just about everything. With the abundance of sb suppliers online, dmarie manages to come ot on top because of its ability to stock so many different types and brands of supplies. And they are always getting in new merchandise to keep with all the new products. Quite often, I learn that a new product is available because i saw it on sale in the new products section of first. Their service is usually excellent and shipping is prompt. I can shop with confidence at dmarie and get all the idems I need in one stop.

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