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Scrapbooking - An investment in the things which last


It's the word "archival" that gets us. The thought of investing our time in something that lasts 100 years appeals to women. Most of the things we invest time in, last but a moment. Just look at the table a half hour after Thanksgiving dinner has been served and one realizes how temporary our accomplishments seem.

A mother's life is spent doing things that do not last. Groceries are bought knowing they will soon be consumed, clothing is washed knowing they will become soiled again, and meals are eaten faster than the time it took to prepare them. An uncluttered room lasts but a moment.

The projects women tackle are also tremedous works of love. The frilly dresses we make our daughters are rarely worn for as many hours as it took to make them. Our tole painting, rubber stamping, and cross stitching are so labor intensive that we wonder if we would have been better off purchasing the items we attempt to create. Those who do decide to sell their completed products have learned that crafts do not pay well by the hour. And, as embarassing as it is to admit, some of us get so frustrated with our projects that many remain unfinished becoming more clutter for us to house.

And the "fun" stuff that we do - the things we do for our children's enjoyment - are also short-term accomplishments. The birthday parties and scout meetings which take hours of preparation are over quickly leaving us only the messy remains.

But our scrapbooks will last. They will document those moments - the messy, the temporary, and the fun. Photos catch those moments in time which we hope never to lose. Our scrapbooks keep those photos from becoming clutter and provide a sense of order in our hectic lives. They allow us to utilize that creative desire in a way that is only as time consuming as we choose.

And most importantly, scrapbooks remind us to invest our time and love in the things which last.

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