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By:Fayette, Garland, UT

Scrapbooking is important to me for many obvious reasons. I love to shop! Therefore, scrapping gives me loads of reasons to hit the stores and buy the latest tools! I need a way to fulfill my desire to be creative, and spend time on something for me--scrapbooking does this without sending me on a guilt-trip.

The entire family benefits from the time I spend scrapbooking. I want to communicate to my family the infinite amount of love I feel for each of them, and document our times together, sharing that love.

But mostly, scrapbooking is important to me because it helps me remember the little things that are so easily forgotten in our busy lives. In addition to documenting the "milestones", I want my children to remember the "small stuff". The special, tender moments, as well as the wacky and fun times we spend together.

I want my son to remember the day several years ago when we were playing on the trampoline. After jumping for several minutes, we were worn out! We layed down on the tramp together, snuggling, giggling and looking at the clouds when he turned to me and said, "Mommy, will it always be like this?". I knew at that moment that inspite of all of my feelings of being an "inadequate mom", that he thought I was doing a great job.

Those little golden moments are the reasons I scrapbook. When my children look through their albums, and read the stories of their childhood that I've included in the journaling, I know it will bring back warm memories and increase the bond of love between us. And, on days when I'm having struggles as a mom, I can pull out the albums, reflect on the past, and see that I have been a good mom, inspite of the challenges.

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