Saturday, March 2, 2002    


My Son and his Granny

By:Cynthia B.

I have loved scrapbooking ever since I did my first layout almost three years ago. In March of 2001 it became much more important to me. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers then.

Scrapbooking is giving me the opportunity to get all the stories that go along with the old pictures preserved before her memory fails her completely. With this I will be able to remember for her when she is unable to.

Another reason scrapbooking is important to me is my youngest son. He is only 5. I am scared that the only memories he will end up having of my mom are of someone who doesn't even know who he is. If that happens he will be able to look through his scrapbooks and find out what she meant to him and what he meant to her. He will see pictures of him and his Granny going on walks, painting, swinging in the park, playing hid and seek, and hugging each other.

I believe his scrapbooks will replace any bad memories he might have of her with thoughts of how much she must have loved him.

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