Sunday, March 2, 2003    


Scrapbooking is my therapy

By:Sadie Lankord

Why do you love scrapbooking?

I started scrapbooking late in 2002, originally to preserve memories of my daughter's first birthday party. I had pictures of my husband and I, and other members of our family.

Recently we got a divorce and I felt I had no reason to scrapbook, I based all of my pages around him or my daughter. My mom noticed that I stopped scrapbooking, and she knew I loved to do it, so she helped me by getting older pictures of me when I was young. I noticed how much I looked just like my daughter does now, and I started making pages with me and her in them. That really started to brighten my spirits up and now I have tons of things to scrap about. No husband in any of them and I am fine.

Scrapbooking is definitely my therapy. When I am upset or down, I either look up scrapbooking ideas on the internet, or just go in head first and start scrapping!

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