Monday, March 20, 2000    


"It's nice to see you do this again."

By:A.J. from Idaho Falls, ID

Last year at this time, I sat back and watched all the fun going on with the "footballs" and the Dmaire II Bowl. This year, I decided to join in the fun. That was my first mistake, and I gave up quickly with those games and decided to write about "Why do I love scrapbooking?"

I've been scrapbooking now for just about five years and truly enjoy it. Here in Idaho Falls where I live I made many friends through this hobby and just recently found another friend here at Dmarie that lives just a few miles from me. My style of scrapbooking has greatly improved over time and I've even "re-done" some old pages and I'm very happy with them.

Sometimes when I'm busy working on a page in my sons album, I think about the years ahead and what he will think when he shows his wife and his kids. I have many photos from my childhood and look at them often and love to remember all those good times. I hope he gets the same pleasure with these completed albums.

I enjoy completing several pages and then showing them off to my son and my husband. I'm not one who scrapbooks "everyday" and sometimes I go a few months without doing a page. But, I'll never forget the one day this past year when I started scrapbooking again after putting it away for a few months and my 16 year old son said to me "Mom it's nice to see you doing this again." Now that made me feel good.

How has scrapbooking changed my life?? I don't think the actual hobby has changed my life that much, other than all the "scrapbooking toys" I now have in my collection. But I can say that since I found Dmaire web site over two years ago now....the friendships I've made here has truly changed my life. There's not a day that goes by I'm not checking messages and e-mailing posts back to myself to save. Joining in the many surveys that are posted and now hosting my own swap. The friends I've made through the secret pal swaps I've been in are more important to me than my friends here. It's true what has been written here....if you want to know "anything" just ask the Dmarie ladies.

So besides pleasing my family with my completed pages and having the friends I have here at Dmarie to share ideas and thoughts with..what more could a girl ask for? That's why I love to scrapbook.

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